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Bridal Services

We at Salon 109 strive to make your Wedding Day the best it can be. As a bride, we want to make your experience BETTER than the best. In order to accommodate you, we provide both on and off site Salon Bridal services.

We’ve included our pricing list and Bridal Beauty Timeline below to help you prepare for your special day. Please view some examples of work done by our stylists and makeup artists for Bridal styles, tips, and ideas on our social media pages:

Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions or would like to reserve our services for your Wedding date. We would love to ensure your Wedding Day is anxiety free and fabulous!

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Bridal Services

Salon 109 Bridal Pricing

Bride $90 $100
Mother of Bride, Bridesmaid & Junior BM $75 $75
Flower Girl (5 & under) $50 No charge
Blow Out / Curl Short Hair (No pinning/braiding ) $45
Blow Out / Curl Long Hair (No pinning/ braiding) $55
Trial Run $75  $80
Saturday Trial $90  $65
Sunday or Holiday Trial $105  $80
Off Site services:

  • $40 per Stylist/ Makeup Artist per 2 hours, plus additional $15 per service.
  • Over 50 miles, additional .50 per mile
  • Add an additional $100 an hr to have Stylist/ Makeup Artist stay on site after hair/makeup services are completed.
Trials based on 1 1/2 hour time allotment.  Add $20 per additional half hour.

Wedding Day Information Form

  • Arrive to appointments early!
  • Button down shirts are HIGHLY recommended.
  • Bring any hair accessory to be used with you.
  • Hair should be clean, dry and prepped for up-do.
  • A clean moisturized face for makeup.
Deposit: A deposit of 50% is due upon signing of the contract to hold your wedding day. This is non-refundable after 30 days before the wedding. The 50% deposit will be an approximate cost calculated upon signing of the contract based on the number of people getting styled and the type of styling they will be getting. To best anticipate total time and cost for services, any details on what to expect for styling the day of the wedding will help! (If someone has especially thick hair, long hair, wants an intricate hairstyle, etc.) The remaining amount is due the day of the wedding and is subject to change if any unexpected circumstances arise that require more time or products than anticipated upon the consultation.

Trial run: A trial run is highly recommended for the bride. This needs to be booked at least 30 days prior to the wedding day and the appointment can be made for up to a week before the wedding. The day of your trial run you will be charged $75.00 to discuss and try different styles for up to 1 ½ hours. Should the trial run go longer than 1 ½ hours, the total will accrue $20.00 for each additional half hour. This fee is due the day of the trial run and is NON-REFUNDABLE should you cancel the wedding date for any reason. Once you find your dream hairstyle with your stylist, the details of the contract for the wedding day can be discussed.

Wedding Day: The bride agrees to pay the remainder in full on the wedding date. The total amount due on the wedding day is based on the services requested. If a member of the party decides not to have a service performed as requested, payment for the service is still due in full. The total fee is due to the hair stylist as described, regardless of internal arrangements between the bride and others receiving services. The payment can be cash, cashier’s check, VISA, Mastercard, Discover or American Express.

On the wedding day, things will be done following a schedule. The bride must communicate the importance of being on time and properly prepared to all who intend on getting their hair styled and Makeup applied. Every person getting their hair done in an updo, half-up style, or curls must have their hair clean and already dry as the stylist will not allot time for this unless otherwise discussed. If such a case arises, the stylist will charge extra to wash and blow dry hair in addition to styling. All those having makeup done must arrive fresh faced and skin moisturized. The bride must confirm and commit to the number of services stated previously and charges will apply for all those included. If styling or Makeup is occurring outside of the salon, the stylist and Makeup will need a designated space to set up when on location.

The bride is responsible for clearing an area before the stylist arrives to ensure completion timely manner. Both stylist and makeup artist will need a work area with a chair near an outlet (stylist) in a no walk-through traffic area. Good lighting and a mirror is a plus for both stylist and make-up artist. Preferably a window for the makeup artist. If services cannot be performed due to insufficient work conditions or tardiness, all fees still apply. The hair stylist or makeup artist will not be held liable for any injuries that should arise while on location.

Please note, any allergies or sensitivities should be mentioned before the client is being styled or made-up applied. If a client has a reaction to any of the products or its ingredients and the salon was not previously informed, Salon 109 and its staff cannot be held responsible.

We look forward to working with you and making your special day anxiety free and fabulous!


Mary Beckmann

Salon 109’s suggested Bridal Beauty Timeline.

Six to Eight Months Prior
Three to Four Months Prior
One to Two Months Prior
Two to Three Weeks Prior
One Week Prior

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